Our Aim

Our Aim
  • Focused Support
    Focused Support

    A dedicated Teamup Senior Advisor will help you manage the investment process with experienced mentoring & coaching from Stage 1 to growing and monitoring your portfolio.

  • Regular Updates
    Regular Updates

    Be the first to know about new opportunities through our monthly webinars & panel discussions.

  • Unmatched Reliability
    Unmatched Reliability

    Leave it to Teamup to scout high quality startups and bring you the best from the ecosystem.

  • Marketplace

    A unique offering where you can buy, sell or trade your shares in a startup with fellow investors.

  • Angel Community
    Angel Community

    Access to a large and active Teamup Angel Community

  • Startup Progress Tracking
    Startup Progress Tracking

    Get access to quarterly financial reports and make better investment decisions.

Our Aim

How it Works?

Angels will be able to track their investment via quarterly reports. Once investment has been made investors can support their startups through mentoring, help in industrial expertise, access to network and much more.

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